Location: Home » Special Activities » Reading Festival Students Forum 2013-11-22 Students Forum was firstly held on Mar.14, 2011 for Grade 6 students, with the purpose of helping students better understand their reading, cultivating their ability of public speaking and strengthening their interests of reading. All listeners have been stunned and surprised by the 12-year-old speakers’ broad scope of knowledge, deep thinking and affluent oral expression.

Class 4,Grage 6   Wang Tianyi 
Legend of Huns
Class 3, Grade 6    Li Dingdong
 Unity of Qin Dynasty
 Class 1, Grade 6  Ma Yilin
Stories in Ming Dynasty
 Class 6 Grade 6  Huo Ran
 Interpretation of Shakespeare
 Class 5 Grade 6 Wang Xinzhu
 About Marco Polo
 Class 2 Grage 6 Zhang Antong 
the Charm of Basketball
 Class 6 Grade 6 Xu Jiawei 
An Analysis of The Second World War
 Class6 Grade 6 Jiang Xixi
 An Analysis of the War between  Chu and Han
 Class 3 Grade 6 Mei Yunhe 
Battlefields of Europe during World War II
 Class 4 Grade 6 Huang Xiao 
The Counsellors of Cao Cao
  Collected works of students speeches: Reading, Learning and Beyond

Due to the huge success of the first Student Forum, this activity has been decided as a traditional activity, and extends the speakers to Grade 5 and Grade 6.

Organizing Procedure

1.Students choose the books according to their interest. 2.They share their understanding with other students.
3.Every class has the opportunity to recommend those who act excellent in their own class to have a speech among the whole grade. 4.The school awards students who attend this activity.

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