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Experimental Primary School of Beijing Normal University was established in 1958. It is the primary school which directly attached to Beijing Normal University(BNU). It is also an experimental primary school which put education reform of BNU in practice. At present, there are 42 classes more than 1760 students and about 120 staff in Experimental Primary School.
Our school covers 13,800 m² including 12,188 m² of building area. We have 47 classrooms, 20 special classrooms and more than 60,000 books in our library.
Thanks to more than fifty years of effort and accumulation, our school has been becoming influential both at home and abroad. We have been engaged in revolutionizing our service by the aid of disciplinary development in educational methodology and psychology of BNU as well as the variety of resources in Beijing. We aim at creating an amiable atmosphere of methodological experimentation and innovation on both class designing and school organization.
We give pride of place to the scientific research in Experimental Primary School, and it is highly important for us to combine the teaching with it. There are many teachers with high quality in teaching and mastery of the theory in the school. They are enterprising and innovative. They persist in learning, teaching and researching energetically. We provide training opportunities at home and abroad for the teachers in various ways, to expand their horizons and improve their professional development. Till 2013, there are five groups of 41 teachers, who have participated in the training program in Punahou School, Hawaii.
As the communication with foreign countries more and more widely, we have expanded the influence of our school. For the past few years, we have received thousands of visitors or educational mission from home and abroad. Now, we have established cooperation with many primary schools. Our sister schools are, S.K.H. ST. Timothy’s Primary School in Hong Kong, Tao Nan School in Singapore, The Primary School Attached to Niigata University in Japan, Eltham College in the UK, Excelsior Elementary Shool in the USA, Scenic Heights Elementary School in the USA and Milgate Primary School in Australia.